Top Three Reasons to Maintain Your Gutters

With springtime now in full swing, there are plenty of tips and lessons to keep in mind for getting your home exterior ready to enjoy the months of sunny weather to come. At Genesis Total Exteriors we have years of experience building, improving and maintaining homes in the Denver area. Our contractors know the ins and outs of what it takes to keep your house looking great and working efficiently, and an important place to start is with your gutters and drainage systems. As we gear up for more spring showers and rain throughout the summer months, here are some of the most important reasons to maintain your gutters, downspouts and drainage paths.


Genesis Total Exteriors prides itself on installing long lasting roofs for our customers. One of the most important things that homeowners can do to extend the longevity of their roofs is to make sure that all of their gutters are working properly. Gutters and water drainage systems are the first line of defense against wear and tear on the top of your home. Proper water runoff away from the edges of your house will ensure that there is no standing water at the top of exterior walls, which can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on your roof due to cracking, warping, moss and mildew. If your gutter system is incomplete, leaking, or simply too old to do its job, our contractors will be happy to do any repairs or installation to bring it up to date. This will do wonders to extend the life of your roof, which is one of the biggest expenditures for every homeowner.


Going hand-in-hand with the protection of your roof, gutters are a key to maintaining the integrity of the exterior walls of your home. The less that your home’s siding—whether it be natural hardwood, vinyl panels or brick—comes in contact with water the better. Water that splashes over gutters, trickles out of cracked downspouts and rolls over eaves is always going to deteriorate the outside of your home. Paint will be more likely to flake and crack, brick will become dirty and moldy, while vinyl siding can warp and darken. All of these problems can be avoided with the installation of a modern drainage system from Genesis Total Exteriors. We specialize in gutter systems that deal with heavy snow and ice buildup that accumulates during Colorado winters.


Apart from an outdoor pool or a scenic pond, standing water is never a good thing to have around your home. Not only do small basins of water provide a breeding ground for pesky mosquitoes and other insects, they can also cause damage. Water that collects around your foundation is likely to cause deterioration to concrete, and becomes a greater problem when leaking into lower levels of your home or basements. The longer that water sits near the base of your home, the greater risk there is of mildew and mold on the inside. Genesis makes it a priority to not only install properly working gutter systems, but also to update runoff drains to ensure that standing water is not an issue even following heavy storms.