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Genesis Total Exteriors is Colorado’s premier contractor for interior or exterior construction and remodeling projects. Capable of tackling projects of all sizes in both the commercial and residential sectors, Genesis Total Exteriors prides themselves on their ability to ensure that projects run smoothly and that they exceed customer expectations.

Their dedicated team of professionals serves the Greater Denver area, the Foothills and along the Front Range Urban Corridor, stretching from Northern Colorado all the way down to Fountain.

What Services Do We Offer

Genesis Total Exteriors is a full-service contractor specializing in roofing, painting, siding, gutters, windows, and interior remodels.


Our roofing specialists provide exemplary service combined with quality roofing systems. We will thoroughly examine your roof and prepare a comprehensive estimate based on your needs. The experts at Genesis Total Exteriors will walk you through the entire process to ensure that you make informed decisions concerning what is best for your structure while staying within your projected budget.


Genesis Total Exteriors began as a small painting company and since then has completed thousands of commercial and residential painting projects. We address every aspect of your interior and exterior paint and finish projects, customizing each job to your specifications to guarantee timely completion and ensure your satisfaction.


Genesis Total Exteriors understands that exterior siding not only adds curb appeal and beauty to your structure but is also the first line of defense against the elements. The professionals at Genesis Total Exteriors will guide you through the many factors involved with exterior siding including design, energy savings, maintenance, price, and longevity of the product. Whether repair work or a complete facelift, Genesis Total Exteriors are experts in stucco, vinyl, fiber cement, and wood siding.


Well crafted windows provide a feeling of openness to your home by bringing in natural light. Genesis Total Exteriors offers a full line of durable, energy efficient, high-quality vinyl frame windows that are low maintenance and easy to clean. Genesis Total Exteriors line of windows includes casement, awning, double hung, and bow or bay windows customized to meet your specifications while adding value and beauty to your home.

Gutter Systems

Gutters are often an afterthought but play an essential role in the health of your home. Gutters and downspouts protect your roof from water damage and provide the necessary drainage to ensure the health of your foundation. Proper drainage is vital to ensuring that your basement remains dry and helps to eliminate potential health issues, such as mold, that moisture can cause. Genesis Total Exteriors will help you select the right gutters and drainage system for your home, improving aesthetics minimizing repair costs and prolonging the life of your structure.

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