How To Protect Your Home During Hail Season

Barbecue, baseball, camping— just a few things we love about summer. But, if you’re like most Coloradans, you know it’s also hail season. With hail season comes a lot of uncertainty, and a lot of inconveniences if your home needs repairs. So, what is the best way to be prepared for hail season and protect yourself from any unnecessary aggravation? Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to simply avoid hail if a storm heads your way. You can’t move your house into a garage or move your things out of the path of a storm. Checking the weather frequently and taking pressure and temperature measurements aren’t going to make a difference in the fate of your house’s exterior. What you can do is be proactive about the upkeep of your home, choose quality materials, and protect yourself with good insurance coverage on your property. You know the saying: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—the same is true for the maintenance of your house. Hail and wind can do a lot of damage, but the better shape your property is in before the storm hits, the better it will fare during the storm. It is important to have your roof, siding, gutters, windows, and paint checked out for any existing damage or wear and tear you may not have noticed from the previous year. This can be exacerbated in a storm and lead to more severe and costly problems, turning even a relatively minor storm into a major problem. Also, many insurance policies will stipulate how long after the date of the storm you have to file a claim in order for coverage to apply. Installing impact resistant shingles and siding is a wonderful option to mitigate the damage of hail storms. Most roofs can withstand small hail storms, but we all know that Colorado occasionally gets hit by much more than a few small grains of ice. An impact resistant shingle is designed to absorb the hits of falling ice and has a much better chance of making it through a major storm. Also, ensuring the seals, flashing and caps on your roof are intact and not cracked will prevent any water intrusions into your home, avoiding costly interior repairs. Perhaps more important than any of this is having insurance so that in the event of major damage, you and your family will be covered. At Genesis Total Exteriors, we have in-house insurance specialists who are ready to work with your insurance company to make sure that no matter what the damage, it gets fixed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We will evaluate the damage ourselves before insurance even gets involved to make sure your house is up and running as soon as possible. Call 303-679-8509 to book your FREE estimate!

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